And I’m Back (Sort Of, Kind Of)

Hey kids. It’s been a while. I suppose you are wondering what’s been going on. Here’s what’s been going on.

Attack On

Sometime around February or March of this year I began to have some problems with the website. In addition to years of WordPress upgrades compounding on one another, I was notified by my host that my site was under a cyberattack. Long story short: I lost everything and I’m on a new host now.

What Was Lost

Although I had different versions of backups, so far I’ve been unable to rescue any of my previous posts. All the images are still on my computer. However, the text of all posts may be gone for good. Most of it is more of a lost to me, than to you. Sometimes I would refer back to my old posts if I wanted to remember a technical detail that I needed to repeat or resource that I used to order materials from. Going forward I think I will save my posts in a simple text document on my computer in addition to regular WordPress backups.

Exposure unit fluorescent lights
Did you need the instructions on how to wire fluorescent ballasts in order to make your own exposure unit for screen printing? Because those are gone. Maybe I’ll bring back the instructions in a video.

What Was Gained

After a marathon weekend of tweaking code, I’ve adapted the previous custom theme and given it a makeover. Some of the changes are slight, but it looks a little more slick. This being the first post, I’ve got a blank slate to organize everything this time around. I can’t say I won’t tweak it more in the future, but I’m pleased to be done for the moment. Although I can do this coding and design stuff, generally I’d rather be drawing skulls with dip pens on real paper instead of typing hexidecimal color codes onto a screen.

Tell me this isn’t better than background: #ffffff url(“twentytwelvetheme_background.png”) no-repeat center top;

Coming Soon

Blogging seems to be a dying thing. That’s one of the reasons I encourage folks to follow Neat & Keen on Facebook and Instagram. My hope is to start doing videos more regularly. There does exist a Neat & Keen YouTube Channel, but at the moment it is just three videos of me playing guitar. The difficult thing about video is that it takes so much longer to setup the camera, the lights, the microphones, and then edit the whole mess than it does for me to sit down and write something. Still, video seems to be the way the wind is blowing so I have a number of things planned to help bring Neat & Keen to a wider audience.

What Do You Think?

Another option I’ve been considering is Patreon. I support a couple people on Patreon, but I don’t engage with the community as much as I should. Maybe that’s because I’m too busy trying to create when I have the time.

If I did a Patreon page I would have a basic level for exclusive content and sneak peaks available for something like $3 a month. Higher levels would all result in receiving something tangible in the mail once a month: newsletters, exclusive prints, handmade notebooks. Probably the biggest incentive would be that all patrons would get discounts and first dibs on anything I put into an online storefront.

Is Patreon something you would like to see me do? Is there another avenue on the internet (or elsewhere) where you would like to see me participate? Sound off in the comments below or drop an e-mail my way.

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