Welcome to Neat & Keen. Our goal is to produce items that foster community and personal growth while maintaining a unique style and using responsible resources.

Here’s a quick look at what we’re about:


Silkscreen prints on vacuum table

Screen printing was the first area of focus at Neat & Keen. Our vacuum table, exposure unit, and washout booth are all DIY fixtures in the studio. We only use waterbased inks.


Handmade notebooks

In 2017 we began research and development into notebooks. Our notebooks are set apart from others thanks to our unique “Vari-Dot” ruling and heavy 80# text weight paper. Currently all our books are hand sewn prototypes, many featuring covers made from test prints. We’re still evaluating the potential to mass produce our books in the future.

Big Ideas

Big Ideas collage

There’s an always growing list of future projects. Some are modest in scope like original greeting cards and more paintings. Designs for guitars, drums, and other instruments are somewhere in the middle. Converting old dairy barns into art co-ops with space for painting, woodworking, and pottery wheels will require selling several thousand notebooks first. One thing at a time.

Thank you for visiting the Neat & Keen website. For more casual and frequent updates be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us how you learned about Neat & Keen.